A nature walk close to the town centre

The River Slea near Lollycocks Field. EMN-150116-090506001
The River Slea near Lollycocks Field. EMN-150116-090506001

North Kesteven’s leisure promoters are urging more people to enjoy the countryside by using the district’s ‘Stepping Out Network’ walks.

With this in mind, they are highlighting the guided walks along public paths available to download from their website at www.countrysidenk.co.uk.

Map of the riverside walk in Sleaford. EMN-150116-090455001

Map of the riverside walk in Sleaford. EMN-150116-090455001

These are designed to bring the district’s unique heritage to life and range in distance.

Walk 6b follows Sleaford’s riverside.

Starting at Cogglesford Watermill, it is approximately 6.4 miles and should take 3-3.5 hours.

From Cogglesford Mill, leave the car park and follow the River Slea towards Sleaford, walking past Lollycocks Field, through the town, crossing Castle Causeway to follow the asphalt path along the side of the River Slea until the houses on the opposite side of the river end.

Continue along the riverside as it goes under the Sleaford to Lincoln railway line and over the old Cranwell Railway.

Continue along the riverside with Guildhall and Cobblers Hole Springs on your left, and Bouncing Hill to your right until you see the A15 bypass.

Follow the waymarkers to the right and cross the busy A15.

Once across, follow the waymarkers left for a short distance and then bear right rejoining the River Slea.

Follow this path until you see Boiling Wells Farm.

At this point the path leaves the River Slea.

Look for a waymarker leading diagonally right and take the path across the field towards a gap in the hedgerow.

Pass through and follow the grassy path past Boiling Wells Farm and over a stile onto a field edge path with the hedgerow on your right.

Follow the waymarkers as they lead you along the edge of the fields towards a small wood called Ash Holt.

Pass through the woodland with a disused limestone quarry on your right until you see a metal sculpture.

Titled ‘In The Field’ and designed by Richard Farrington for artsNK, the sculpture represents the fields around the village of South Rauceby.

At the sculpture, follow waymarkers left, until you reach a junction with a farm track with parkland beyond.

Turn right onto this track, and once you reach Hall Farm take the right-hand path, keeping the farm buildings to your left and head into open countryside.

With historic views of Sleaford across Bouncing Hill to your right, continue along this track, following waymarkers bearing left, through the copse, and then bend right around the edge of the trees.

Look out for an unusual bench carved for artsNK by Simon Todd titled ‘Sleeping Shepherd Seat’.

Follow this track through open countryside until you see another copse on your left, Field Farm on your right and carry straight on at the waymarker junction walking towards a small group of trees.

Pass through the trees and follow Drove Lane to the A15.

Cross with care and follow The Drove back to Sleaford until you reach Northgate and head back to Cogglesford 

You can call 01529 308207 or email discovernk@n-kesteven.gov.uk for a hard copy of the route.