Allotment talk comes down to the birds and the bees

It was all about the birds and the bees when the town council’s Services Committee was asked to consider applications for bee hives and chickens on allotments.

There had been two requests to keep chickens and one to site bee hives on plots at The Drove.

A new draught agreement for tenants is going out in March to clarify rules with a view to it being enforced in October, meaning future requests can be handled by officers.

Members were happy with just a few hens for domestic use, whereas a larger number for commercial gain is prohibited. Chairman, Coun Gary Titmus said this had to be studied more carefully, taking into account the proximity of hives to other allotment holders that may have allergies. It was also agreed that applicants should be trained members of a local beekeepers association. Staff will do more research with Sleaford Beekeepers Association.