New approach to policing

Police in Sleaford are trialling a new initiative to cut down on the amount of time needed to police the pubs and clubs at weekends.

Addressing a conference at North Kesteven District Council last week, Sector Inspector Mike Jones said traditionally forces threw resources at the period from 11pm to 5am to deal with potential alcohol related crime and disorder: “Around 60 hours of police officers’ time is taken up every weekend by this in Sleaford.”

Under a new scheme for the last six months, police officers have been going into pubs as well as operating outside, enforcing licensing legislation robustly, such as premises selling alcohol to customers already drunk. By ensuring bar staff are operating responsibly, the aim is to moderate people’s behaviour inside and outside the bars. Insp Jones said: “Ultimately I am hoping to release a large proportion of that police officer time back into the community following up crimes. It is a big culture change but 12-18 months ago Sleaford had the worst violent crime figures, now it has the best by a considerable margin. Then the way we police that economy will change forever.”