Talk on ejector seat

Sleaford And District Llegionaires Aviation Society will be hosting a talk entitled ‘The Ejector Seat’ delivered by Flt Lt Maurice Taylor

Flt Lt ‘Mo’ Taylor joined the RAF in 1970 as an apprentice in the weapons trade

Having worked his way up through the ranks to Warrant Officer he was commissioned as a Flight Lieutenant Engineering Officer in the Aeromechanical Systems Branch in 2000.

He is currently employed as a course officer at the Royal Air Force School of Aeronautical Engineering, at RAF Cosford, where he delivers lectures on armament technology and engineering management to officers undergoing 
their engineering 

Flt Lt Taylor has had a wide spread of postings, serving 18 years in Germany during the Cold War period as well as operational deployments to the Falklands, postings to Italy, a few times to Iraq and to the former Yugoslavia.

The talk will start at 8pm in the Legionnaires Club, Watergate, Sleaford, on Tuesday, November 20.