Natural World Centre all set to launch agri-cultural exhibition

Tractor contributed  by James Milnes for the Farm the Land exhibition.

Tractor contributed by James Milnes for the Farm the Land exhibition.

Opening in 2014, The Natural World Centre at Thorpe on the Hill will host an exhibition that depicts Lincolnshire’s agricultural heritage and will be made up from contributions from the public.

Called Farm The Land, event organisers have been asking the public to get involved and share their history with farming in Lincolnshire.

Farm the Land will focus on local agricultural history and will be curating the exhibition in partnership with Lincolnshire Archives.

Local groups and organisations, as well as local residents, who have an interest in agriculture have got involved including poets, artists and photographers.

Ray Brewer, a born and bred Lincolnshire-man will also be sharing his memories as a child growing up on Mill Lane Farm in Eagle.

The exhibition will tell visitors all about our local agricultural history and its importance to our landscape featuring stories, memories, photographs and memorabilia ranging from farm implements to a plough. The exhibition will be open daily, 10am-4.30pm.

For further information, or if you have anything you would like to contribute, include or show, contact Ann Worrell on 01522 688868 or email: whisby.exhibitions@litc.org.uk In fact, if you feel you can contribute in any way,




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