Company appeals against refusal of three homes

THE Farming Investment Company is appealing to the Planning Inspectorate against the refusal of planning permission for the construction of three homes and associated garages.

The proposed site, which includes a paddock, is on land off Town Road, Quarrington, and North Kesteven District Council planners have refused permission on the grounds the development would adversely affect the character of the area around the rural listed manor house.

Sleaford Town Council has opted to back the appeal by the applicants, who dispute the claim that the character of the area would be harmed by the development.

The applicants argue the paddock is surrounded on three sides by existing development and land to the south has been identified for future housing development in the recently adopted Sleaford Masterplan, while the paddock itself had been outlined as a site suitable for residential redevelopment in the past.

They also argue there were no objections from the local highways authority.

The appeal will be determined by written statements submitted by both sides and there will be a site visit by the inspector.