Council votes ‘yes’ to £25 bin charge

Despite an outcry from residents, North Kesteven District Council have voted for a £25 annual brown bin collection charge.

The proposals were rubber stamped at NKDC’s full council meeting on Thursday night, where leader of the council Marion Brighton said the charge was necessary in order to save £770,000 per year.

Residents who are new to the scheme will pay £35 for the first year, and then revert back to £25 per year thereafter. Those who already have a brown bin will pay the standard £25.

Anyone who opts out will be able to keep their bin for other uses, or NKDC can remove it free of charge.

But other members were opposed to the idea, with Coun David Suiter calling the service charge “a step in the wrong direction” and likening it to taxes on hats and beards from days gone by.

Coun Marianne Overton pleaded with the council to defer the item for a while to allow members to talk it through with their constituents, but this was ultimately rejected.

The decision, after much deliberation, was finally put to the vote with 27 councillors voting for the new charge, and 12 voting against it.