iGrow is Twitter-spotted

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A ‘DRAGON’ has helped raise the profile of an East Heckington business through the Twittersphere.

Abbey Parks Farm Shop’s iGrow business, a unique online allotment where users can rent a patch of land and grow a choice of vegetables on their very own allotment over the internet, has been spotted by Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Theo Paphitis and given a special mention on Twitter.

Every Sunday between 5pm and 7.30pm, Theo holds a Small Business Sunday where he encourages small businesses to Tweet him describing their business in one Tweet, 
including the hashtag #SBS.

He then chooses six businesses each week out of the hundreds who Tweet him, and then re-Tweets all about them to his 260,000 followers and gives them a mention on his website.

Abbey Parks had been Tweeting Theo religiously since February and spokesman Sally Pattinson said that they were close to giving up when they finally received a re-Tweet from Theo last Sunday.

She said: “It has been a learning curve, finding out what you have to do to be noticed by Theo and how to make the business stand out but this time it finally happened. We are so pleased.”

Sally added that since then their Twitter followers had increased significantly.

Although the iGrow business, created by Harry Loweth, is still in its early stages, it has gone from strength to strength and the first crop of vegetables has been harvested.