New hotel plans are revealed

Indicative designs for the new hotel restaurant. EMN-150127-123804001
Indicative designs for the new hotel restaurant. EMN-150127-123804001

A number of jobs could be created with outline plans being put forward for a 21-bed hotel and restaurant located on Sleaford Enterprise Park off East Road.

Heckington-based property developer Melbourne Holdings has submitted the plans to North Kesteven District Council for a site south of Pride Parkway which it owns.

Indicative design of the new hotel proposed by Melbourne Holdings. EMN-150127-123816001

Indicative design of the new hotel proposed by Melbourne Holdings. EMN-150127-123816001

Robbie Doughty, of The Robert Doughty Consultancy from Helpringham, has prepared the plans for the site and said it is being viewed as a potentially local project rather than being a national chain.

He said: “At this stage it is to establish the plan in principle.”

In his supporting statement to the district council he said Sleaford Enterprise Park is the premier location for new business development in Sleaford, adding: “The development comprises a new hotel and a restaurant with access, parking, servicing and landscaping.

“The development is for a 21 bed hotel - with the potential to extend to a 40-bed hotel in the future - and a restaurant that will serve the needs of occupiers of the hotel and, like many hotel restaurants, be open for use by non-residents.”

The hotel would be able to be extended at one end to increase the capacity to 40 rooms.

There would be surrounding landscaping, car parking, access and service areas. There would be a single access drive for the hotel and restaurant for traffic going in and out.

He adds that an area of parking will separate the hotel and the restaurant, supporting both businesses, while a further area of parking will be located to the side of the hotel.

“This area can be extended should the hotel expand,” he states.

The hotel would be directly to the east of a proposed new private hospital and Mr Doughty said the two facilities would enhance the role of Sleaford, replacing the capacity for visitor bedrooms and meeting rooms lost to the town with the closure of the Lincolnshire Oak that was located nearby on East Road.

○ NKDC last year carried out a study uncovering unfulfilled demand for hotel space in Sleaford. In response the council committed to actively promote Sleaford to potential operators in order to meet demand and new business generated through economic growth. Leader of NKDC, Coun Marion Brighton, said at the time: “It is essential that we make it clear to prospective developers and operators, that Sleaford is open for business and that the council is looking to support expansion in hotel provision in the town, 
in order to support our businesses and satisfy unmet demand.”