NKDC completes its 100th house

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North Kesteven District Council has marked the completion of its 100th new house.

The four newly homes in Metheringham are the latest in a line of schemes since NKDC pioneered a new era of council house construction in 2009. North Kesteven has gone on to build 100 new homes on 19 separate schemes in 10 towns and villages; expanding a stock which had declined from 5,500 to 3,800 through Right to Buy. NKDC has a plan to deliver 500 more homes by the end of 2025.

Council Leader, Marion Brighton, said: “Each one of these houses has essentially been built as much-needed homes for families to set down roots and local people to build strong community links.”

There were 27 bids for the four two-bed houses on Princess Margaret Avenue, Metheringham. Emma Fahy is one of those making a new home with baby Elsie, able to stay close to her roots in the village.

“I feel really privileged to have such a lovely new house that’s so big and perfect and that no one has lived in before,” said Emma, who is studying to be a special education needs teacher, pictured with Elsie, Coun Brighton and executive board member Coun Stewart Ogden.