Can you remember what happened in Ruskington?

MEMORY skills were put to the test as part of a World Record attempt at a Ruskington primary school recently.

On Friday October 19 at 2.30pm, Winchelsea Primary School children were part of an attempt to set a Guinness World Record for the World’s Largest Memory Game as part of Biology Week.

Participants were required to sit a ten-minute memory test, prepared by renowned experimental psychologist Professor Bruce Hood. The data from people of different ages will then contribute to a scientific study at a later date.

The participants were read out a series of words, then after a two minute wait were asked if certain words had been said or not. This was done twice with two different sets of words.

The test also gave the pupils an insight as to how our brains store memories.

Miss Duckett, Winchelsea Head teacher said, “We are always excited about trying new things and being part of community events. The children were fantastic and showed how well they can rise to a challenge. We look forward to hearing whether our world record attempt has been successful!”