Channel challenge raises £7,000

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200
VLUU L200 / Samsung L200

A GROUP of Sleaford swimmers have raised more than £7,000 for various charities after swimming the English Channel.

The team of Rory Richardson, Shaun Creedon, Pete Dawson, John James, James Hansford and Carol Brinkworth swam the 27 miles from the English coast to the French coast in relay.

Rory said: “The swim was something that we’d all wanted to do but when Shaun Creedon came up with the idea we all jumped at the chance.

“We’ve been training since he came up with the idea in February in various lakes around the 

For the Channel challenge each of the team swam for an hour then swapped with the next swimmer and continued to take it in turns until they had completed the 27 miles.

They had to swim without 
wetsuits and contend with cold 
water, sea sickness and strong waves crashing into them

Rory added: “We completed the challenge in 15 hours and 50 
minutes. We were all elated when we reached the French coast at 1am, especially after having swum the last five hours in the dark.”

Each of the team members raised money for their own personal charities, which included SIDS, Alzheimer’s and Breast Cancer, due to either family members or friends having been affected by these conditions.