Council plans to charge £25 per year for brown bins

NKDC are planning to introduce a �25 per year charge to collect brown bins
NKDC are planning to introduce a �25 per year charge to collect brown bins

You could soon have to pay extra to have green waste collected as North Kesteven District Council looks to save £770,000 per year.

On Friday NKDC unveiled plans to start charging residents £25 per year to collect their garden waste in their brown wheelie-bins after eight years of offering this service without extra charge.

The council points out this is not a mandatory service and residents can opt out of the scheme if they choose, but will have to dispose of their own green waste down the tip.

Leader of the council Marion Brighton explained: “In Sleaford the area population is expanding and waste collection is going up and up, we are paying a lot on waste collection and recycling. We can’t keep spending money we haven’t got.

“The report proposes that this will bring in a small income and even if only 50 per cent decide to go ahead, it will bring in an estimated £530,000 per year.”

Alan Thomas, deputy chief executive, added: “We need people to understand our situation, if we don’t do this we will need to make cuts in other places.

“It works out to just 50p per week, and if you take your grass cuttings over to the tip the petrol will work out more expensive than that.”

Mr Thomas claimed people’s council tax does not cover the collection of brown bins, but only black and green bins, and that the last eight years of collecting them for free was a “good-will gesture”.

The plan was recommended by the council’s executive board yesterday (Tuesday), and will go before Full Council for final approval on Thursday December 13.

South Kesteven District Council have already introduced a £25 per year charge with an 80 per cent take up.

Mrs Brighton said over 50 per cent would be good, but anything less than that could be a problem for them.

If people choose to opt out, residents are encouraged to compost at home. Anyone seeking advice on green waste can email the Sustain NK team on:

Home composting bins are also available at a discounted rate available from