Councillors to revive resident surgeries?

SLEAFORD Town Council is to consider holding monthly surgeries for local residents to raise issues or seek advice.

Leader of the Council Brian Watson has proposed relaunching the system whereby shoppers and residents will be able to drop into The Source in Southgate on a Saturday once a month to get advice and information, make a complaint or enquire about a council service.

He said this would fall in line with many other town and parish councils and would help to raise the profile of some newer councillors among their constituents.

It would be for about two hours with three councillors in attendance. Having a regular time and place would make it easier for people to know how and when to contact their councillors.

Councillors would be able to help solve problems, gain support for their work and ideas, discuss the impact of council policies, better represent their community and sometimes share the event with other agencies such as community police officers or advice centres.

Coun John Charlesworth warned that when the previous council ran them they were stopped because no-one turned up.

But it was seen as important to help identify councillors and the sessions would need to be better publicised. Investigations would need to be made about cost of hiring the room and so on and it would be trialled for a six month period.