‘Cash trap’ ATM machine scam

POLICE are warning ATM cash machine users of a scam currently operating across the county.

‘Cash traps’ are a way that criminals manipulate ATM machines to prevent customers from receiving some, or all, of the cash they’ve requested.

A cash trap is usually installed at the cash dispenser shutter. When a customer attempts to withdraw cash, the transaction proceeds normally but the cash does not appear. It has been retained by the trap and is recovered by the criminals after the customer leaves the ATM.

If cash does not dispense during a withdrawal at an ATM, you are advised to report it to your bank immediately. Your contact number for your bank should be displayed on the reverse of your bankcard.

If you see anything unusual on an ATM, find a device or if an apparent part of the machine falls off while you are using it, report this to the police on 101 as soon as possible.

If you have been a victim of this type of crime call Lincolnshire Police on 101 giving full details.