Katie Price fraudster back in court

A transsexual obsessed with Katie Price stole the celebrity’s identity in a bid to get a job as a care worker, a court has heard.

Kerry Marshall, who was born a man, applied for work as a lowly paid home care assistant claiming she was Price and giving a bogus reference.

Marshall, 19, of Eastgate, Sleaford, who was already under a life long restraining order not to contact Price after previously stealing her identity to take thousands from her bank account, was interviewed by an agency for the job with Saga Homecare and was set to be taken on until the company checked out her references and realised they had been conned.

Julie Warburton, prosecuting, told Lincoln Crown Court: “Marshall applied for a job with Saga Homecare as a home care assistant working with vulnerable adults in the community.

“An email was received from a recruitment company. The defendant’s application was under the name of Katie Price.

“The application said that she had previous experience and a full and clean driving licence. She was spoken to on the telephone and confirmed these details.

“She came in for an appointment with a recruitment officer on March 22. She said she had no previous convictions or cautions and also gave details of two references. They were contacted. It became apparent that she was not known to either of them.

“The recruitment officer then carried out a search on the internet and discovered stories giving details of Marshall’s previous conviction.”

Marshall admitted fraud and also admitted making off without payment for a £28 taxi fare after convincing the driver that she was a cardiology consultant and the bill would be paid by her employer.

She was given a 12 month community order.

Judge Sean Morris told her “I am a reasonable and patient man but you are testing my patience. You clearly need some help but if you don’t take that help and don’t stop offending there will come a time when I will just wash my hands of you and lock you up.”

Chris Milligan defending said: “It is not a quick fix. She has substantial difficulties arising from her gender issues which were not dealt with when she was a child.

“She started to realise she was not like other boys at the age of nine. She went through adolescence with no help and no treatment.

“The perspective is that because these issues were not dealt with it has manifested itself in her desire for celebrity status.”

Earlier this year Marshall admitted fraud after obtaining Price’s personal HSBC bank account details and tricking the company into sending her a replacement card after claiming the original was stolen.

Marshall used the card to go on a spending spree with her purchases including a £9,000 Mazda MX sports car and a Pandora bracelet. The fraudster disguised herself with a blonde wig and glasses and managed to withdraw £2,500 cash over the counter at one of the bank’s branches.

The teenager obtained Price’s bank details after she tricked her way into the star’s Surrey home claiming to be working for her security staff only to flee when asked to prove her identity.

As a result of that court appearance in February Marshall was given a two year community order.