Magistrates adjourn ASBO court hearing on 18-year-old who won £500,000 on McDonald’s Monopoly game

A COURT hearing to slap an ASBO on an 18-year-old from Sleaford who won half a million pounds on the McDonalds’ Monopoly sticker game has been adjourned after magistrates demanded more evidence before imposing the order.

North Kesteven District Council were seeking to impose an interim anti-social behaviour order on Joshua Sargeant, of Peartree Close, Sleaford, as he was accused of 13 incidents of disturbing the neighbourhood with late night parties and noisy cars driving around between December last year and May this year.

Three incidents were currently being investigated.

Mr Sargeant, who had his windfall from the Sleaford McDonald’s restaurant 18 months ago, accepted the accusation of late night music but his solicitor argued that he could not be held responsible for friends and acquaintances’ actions on public roads.

Magistrates felt they required more evidence in order to apply an ASBO to protect the public as it would have been unjust and adjourned the case until July 13 to allow more time for further enquiries.