Man sentenced for string of fuel thefts

A DOZY thief gave away his own details after stealing petrol worth £2,000 from a string of filling stations across Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire.

Scott Humphries, 38, formerly of Manor Place, Sleaford, drove off without paying 26 times after targeting petrol stations around Newark, Lincoln, Grantham, Sleaford and Bourne.

Lincoln Crown Court heard the value of petrol or diesel stolen each time by Humphries typically ranged between £60 and £97.

The court was told Humphries’ crime spree began in October last year and escalated in November when he targeted petrol stations in Winthorpe and Newark.

Other petrol stations in Lincoln, Boston, Bourne, Ruskington, Holdingham, Grantham, Foston and Colsterworth were then targeted by Humphries before he was eventually caught in December.

Sarah Munro, prosecuting, said: “On each occasion, Humphries would fill up and then make an excuse, pretending to have lost his wallet.

“He would leave his own details, but never returned, and was caught when a cashier remembered him when he returned to a petrol station four days later.”

Humphries admitted 16 charges of making off without payment and asked for ten other offences to be taken into consideration.

He also pleaded guilty to three theft charges.

Passing sentence Judge Sean Morris told Humphries locking him up for a short time would not break the cycle of his drug taking and offending.

Judge Morris said: “This is pest criminality.

“It maybe the best hope is to break the cycle, I am prepared to give you a chance.You are a complete pain in the neck.

“You are 38 yearsold and go around thieving like a juvenile.”

Humphries was placed under the supervision of a probation officer for two years and ordered to complete a 12-month drug rehabilitation course.