Police warn water bomb youths

THREE youths were giving a warning by police after being caught water bombing passing cars.

The youths were reported throwing water bombs moving vehicles in High Stree, Ruskington on Friday, August 3 at around 4.40pm.

The three were spoken to at the time of the incident and were issued with warnings.

Police were also called when youths were reported going door to door in the village during the afternoon of Monday, August 6 asking if residents had seen a ‘missing cat’ in the Parkfield Road area of Ruskington.

Three male youths were spoken to by police after admitting they did it for a joke.

POLICE are appealing for information after reports of anti-social behaviour in the Holdingham area of Sleaford.

There were complaints of youths shouting and swearing in the area causing a general disturbance, reported on Tuesday, August 7.

There was another report the previous day at around 5.50pm when trial bikes were seen racing around the Furlong Way area of Holdingham and the new footpath which leads to Leasingham, disturbing local residents.

Anyone with information about these incidents can call police on 101.