Shop caught selling booze to teenagers

A SLEAFORD convenience store has been caught out and fined for selling alcohol and tobacco to a child under-age.

Last Thursday saw a number of premises in the south of the county targeted by police licensing officers to test whether businesses were sticking to the rules about not selling customers under the legal age to buy booze and cigarettes.

The officers teamed up with 15 and 16 year old volunteers and at Boston Road News, on Boston Road, Sleaford, alcohol and tobacco were sold to an underage customer.

The member of staff was issued with an £80 fine and the premises licence holder was sent an advisory warning letter inviting them to meet to discuss the matter to prevent further sales. The premises will then be retested and any subsequent sale will result in a police application to review the licence to sell alcohol with a view to revoking that licence.

The tobacco offence will be dealt with by Lincolnshire Trading Standards officers.

In another test purchase, Dobsons Stores of High Street, Billingborough refused to sell alcohol after asking for ID, they not be retested unless new intelligence is received.