Sleaford parish church raided by burglars

PARISH church members are counting the cost of damage caused by burglars who forced their way in and stole sets of keys from a safe.

The break took place on Friday night and was discovered on Saturday morning when the church organist arrived to rehearse.

Churchwarden Anne Smillie-Pearson said quite a lot of damage has been done. “The main damage was to the top vestry at the far end of the church. They got in through a locked door and damaged two more heavy doors to get into teh church.

“We have a safe on the wall to keep all the keys and they got into that and took all the keys to everything in the church which is not good.”

They have been awaiting advice from insurers as to what to do next. She said: “Our organist saw the door was open and realised what had happened and the door was totally wrecked.

“We are going to have to change locks and get the safe repaired or replaced.”

Nothing else was taken, but Mrs Smillie-Pearson noted that this was the second such event in the immediate area within a week, after thieves tried to drag the safe out of the Solo Club and then targeted the Sea Queen chip shop.

Church services have carried on as usual while police have taken away what evidence they can.

“It is the inconvenience more than anything. Everything will be repaired but they have taken all those keys,” Mrs Smillie-Pearson said.