Cubs get back to nature

Kestrels Cubs at the Giant's Apple Core at Mareham Pastures.
Kestrels Cubs at the Giant's Apple Core at Mareham Pastures.

SLEAFORD Beavers and Cubs paid a visit to explore Mareham Pastures Local Nature Reserve.

The Friends of Mareham Pastures invited Sleaford Beavers and Kestrels Cubs for a guided nature walk at the nature reserve.

The Cubs and Beavers had designed posters explaining why they hated dog poo to encourage dog walkers to pick up when they visited the nature reserve.

The posters were judged and a winner and two runners up were chosen from each pack to be used on the reserve. The winners were presented with a certificate and badge, the Mayor of Sleaford Trevor Mayfield presented the awards to a very excited group of young Beavers.

Zoë Watson, secretary of the Friends of Mareham Pastures said they had produced some excellent posters.

To thank the boys and girls for their hard work the Friends invited them to do some activities at Mareham Pastures towards earning some of their badges.

George Grout, chairman of the Friends of Mareham Pastures summed up saying: “It is great to get children excited and involved with their local nature reserve. In a few years’ time it will be the next generation who will take over from us and carry on looking after this wonderful place.”

The Cubs and Beavers really enjoyed their visits, especially sitting on the Giant’s Apple Core and the resting Bullock chainsaw sculptures.

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