Daffodils mowed down by council contractors

AN area of Sleaford that is normally awash with spring colour will not be flowering this year after council contractors mowed the heads off all the daffodils.

North Kesteven District Council has apologised for the mishap and even penned a poem on the matter.

In Spring the flowers start to show, their petals, stems and bells

But so too, at this time of year, the grass it grows as well

Your District Council contracts out - the work to mow the grass

It must be done - even though - it costs a lot of brass

This week, the workmen fully armed, down Grantham Road did mow

The grass alongside the roadside, to make it look just so

In making such a perfect job, the daffs they also chopped

Just as these lovely flowers, the ground from out they popped

These bulbs, by Lions, stout of heart, were planted years ago

They gave the town some beauty, but now they're full of woe

We've gone and lopped the heads off, their flowers dug so deep

This year there will be nothing - of flowers, not a peep

We're very, very sorry, the trumpets to have stilled

We didn't mean to do it, the flowers to have killed

We know they'll come back next year, all yellow and so bright

But we also know for this year - it doesn't make it right

But it's hard for us to do our job and keep the grass all done

When kindly-hearted people, plant flowers by the ton

Our mowers huge can't trundle round as people can with their's

Leaving daffs unhindered, blooming without cares

Mistakes they're bound to happen, as grass it must be cut

For if we left it long and wild, complaints they would be put

To District Council Members, to District Council staff

The moans would come in fast and hard - for us there'd be no laughs

There's not much more that we can say, regrets we've had - it's right.

We didn't mean to do it to - these daffs now out of sight

Next year, like you, we will rejoice, when daffs, they flower new

We'll dance and sing and chuckle - we hope you do it too

For full story on the demise of the daffodils, see this week's Sleaford Standard.

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