District population rise is one of biggest

NORTH Kesteven has experienced one of the UK’s largest increases in population, according to new figures.

Newly-released Census statistics for 2011 show that the number of households in the districy increased by 17.9 per cent over the decade since the 2001 census.

This was the highest rate in the East Midlands and fourth highest in the country.

Population growth was 14.2 per cent, leading to an increase in the district’s population from 94,400 to 107,800, particularly around towns such as Sleaford).

The national average increase is 7.1 per cent, which is the highest since the census began in 1801.

These figures underline recent findings that highlight North Kesteven as the 36th best place to live in the country of all 405 local authority areas; the 13th best rural location to live in the country, based on quality of life and the 8th safest place in the country assessed on crime statistics.

The district appears to be predominantly middle-aged, with the largest proportion of the population (17,200) aged 40-50, with 14,800 aged 60-70, 12,900 aged 10-20, 1,000 aged 90+ and 11,100 below 10 years old.

Leader of North Kesteven District Council Coun Marion Brighton said: “As a council, we will be using these new figures to secure a better deal in terms of financing and resourcing to ensure all residents are able to access services tailored to their needs.

“As a partner in the Central Lincolnshire Strategic Planning initiative, we are already working with neighbouring authorities to ensure there are sufficient homes, facilities and employment opportunities to cater for the increase in population and household numbers for a further 20 years.”

Further massive growth is now being prepared for in a Sleaford Masterplan, with documents setting out land for an additional 4,000 homes in the town over the next 25 years.