VIDEO - Students take over Kesteven and Sleaford High School

Kesteven and Sleaford High School got a new head teacher and staff for a day when the students took charge.

Takeover Day took place on Friday, an event led by the Children’s Commissioner for England inviting schools and businesses to hand over control to young people allowing them to be involved in decision-making. Children benefit from the opportunity to experience the world of work and make their voices heard, while adults and organisations gain a fresh perspective on what they do.

Making some moves in dance classes. EMN-141125-102558001

Making some moves in dance classes. EMN-141125-102558001

The aim is to break down barriers between generations and encourage children’s active involvement in their communities.

Pupils, shadowed by the adult members of staff, took over roles including head and deputy head of the school, planned and ran their own lessons. There were even a couple of new additions on reception.

The whole day was kicked off with an inspiring assembly led by appointed headteacher Olivia Scott-Golding from year 12. She said: “I didn’t think I would get the job as there were some fantastic candidates.

“I did a tour with the chairman of governors and found out what the teachers had been up to and the whole school assembly.”

As head teacher she also had to be in charge of discipline, picking up on some ‘interesting’ or unsuitable outfits on girls arriving in school as they had elected to make it a non uniform day. Olivia added: “I never realised how important being a head teacher was until I stepped in Mr Booker’s shoes.

“It has gone really well and I have seen a lot of smiling faces and a lot of teamwork. I would do it every day if I could.”

Pupils created lessons ranging from making their own rubber balls in science, doing dance routines in PE to learning the history of Walt Disney. The temporary ‘teachers’ all learned a new found respect as they discovered the planning that went into lessons and how important it was to keep the class’s attention.

Head teacher Craig Booker said it had gone really well, seeing how mature the students had behaved, saying: “At the start of the year I said to the girls and lads in the sixth form this was something this school should do as it is something its students will respond really well to.

“It has been fantastic. My main concern is if I will get my job back. Olivia did a fantastic assembly and spoke with real authority and was very relaxed.”