Faster connection for your home

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IT’S hard to imagine life without the Internet – no Google, no Facebook and no eBay. We have truly entered the digital age. Yet in some parts of Lincolnshire, what many of us now take for granted remains out of reach.

That’s why local communities are being urged to support a project bidding to turn the county’s broadband ‘not-spots’ into ‘hot-spots’. The Sleaford Standard is asking residents to Say Yes to Better Broadband by backing the OnLincolnshire project.

People can lend their voice by registering their details at The more people that register, the easier it’ll be to encourage commercial suppliers to invest in improved services.

Editor John Lavery said: “Slow Broadband speed is the bane of our lives. It can be so frustrating when you are working on your computer at home or your children are doing their homework and you find everything grinds to a halt because your Broadband is too slow.”

“That is why the Sleaford Standard is very happy to support this campaign to improve Broadband speeds for your at home at at work.”

The Lincolnshire County Council-led project aims to bring superfast broadband speeds of at least 24Mbps to 90 per cent of homes and businesses in the county by 2015, with a guaranteed 2Mpbs for the remaining premises.

Coun Kelly Smith, Executive Member for Finance and HR at Lincolnshire County Council, said: “Over the next few years, we’ll be rolling out superfast broadband technology across the county.

“Around £57 million of private and public sector money will be invested in this, including £10m from the county council and £4m from the district councils. This will ensure our communities aren’t left behind in the digital age.

“Residents can help by registering at , proving to commercial suppliers that there’s demand for next-generation broadband. This will encourage them to invest more of their own money in improving services.”

Those without access to the Internet can still add their voice by calling Lincolnshire County Council’s Customer Service Department on 01522 782006 and giving their details. Alternatively, people can use a computer at their local library to sign up.

You can keep up to date with the campaign’s progress by logging on to and following @onlincolnshire or visiting the website