First ordinations for new bishop

THE new Bishop of Lincoln conducted his first ordinations of Deacons at a service in Lincoln Cathedral at the weekend, supported by the Bishops of Grantham and Grimsby.

The Rt Revd Christopher Lowson presided over the ceremony on Sunday morning in the nave of Lincoln Cathedral, where he ordained 12 deacons.

On the Saturday evening the Bishops of Grantham and Grimsby ordained 11 priests, with one further priest being ordained in Edenham Church.

This included three ordinations for Sleaford area parishes. The Rev Valerie Greene was ordained a priest for the parish of Kirkby La Thorpe on Saturday byu the Bishop of Grimsby. The Bishop of Lincoln ordained two local deacons - Georgina Machell for Ruskington Group of Parishes and Darlene Elizabeth Weston for Carr Dyke group of parishes.

Sunday was Bishop Christopher’s first opportunity to admit people to holy orders since being made a bishop at Westminster Abbey last September.

Bishop Christopher said: “Being ordained is the culmination of many years of hard work, training, and personal exploration and development.

“The step these people are taking is a great one but it’s also a tough one; their lives change from now on and this weekend’s services celebrate both their personal commitment to this change and also their public commitment to their new parishes, the people of the Diocese of Lincoln, and to transforming lives through the furtherance of the Gospel.”

The ceremonies were preceded by several days of retreat for the new priests at the Edward King Centre in Lincoln.