Floods at Swaton and Scredington - VIDEO

ALL the agencies within the Lincolnshire Joint Emergency Planning Service would like to thank the public for their patience and co-operation during the latest period of severe wet weather on Friday and Saturday. David Powell, Head of the Joint Emergency Management Service in Lincolnshire, said: “The public’s assistance has made the work of the emergency services and responding agencies much easier, helping to lessen the impact of the extreme elements.

“However, there have been reports of people ignoring the road closure signs and trying to drive through the water, putting themselves and others at risk.”

One woman had to be rescued from her van by a nearby resident after she tried to drive through the floodwaters at Scredington Northbeck and became strand with water four feet deep up to her bonnet.

Mr Powell continued: “Do stick to the signs - they are in place to help you. It’s not possible to judge the depth of the water, or whether there are manhole covers missing and hidden obstacles under water. We have had a few instances of people getting stuck who have been trying to get through. Keep your eye on the weather forecast and check for any diversions before you leave home in case you need to plan an alternative route.”

Despite some heavy showers, the weather began to settle down over the weekend and a flood warning at Swaton was finally lifted on Sunday lunchtime, although water levels stayed high and there was still some standing water on the road at West End which had not yet drained away.

Fire crews were on hand at Swaton on Friday and Saturday, pumping water away as quickly as possible after the beck overflowed, stranding people in their homes.

There was also flooded and closed roads at Horbling, Billingborough, Osbournby, Folkingham, Aslackby and Carlton Scroop.

Residents and their two dogs had to be rescued by firefighters in boats from their cottage at Aswarby as the water levels rose.

It was some of the worst flooding for some time at Swaton. Swaton Parish Council chairman Andrew Deptford commented: “We believe that this time was avaoidable. We have a few issues with the Environment Agency and teh Black Sluice Drainage Board. The bridge does not allow the full flow and something was stopping the water getting down into the South Forty Foot Drain.”