AN honorary fellowship has been awarded to a Sleaford man

Former chairman of governors at Carre's Grammar School, Sleaford, Jim Duckett, received the award from the governing body during a reception at the Lincolnshire Oak Hotel on Friday.

Mr Duckett was presented with an honorary fellowship in recognition of his many years of service to the school.

Headteacher Mike Reading said: "Jim has been a lifelong supporter of education in the town and has been a member of the Foundation of the school since 1980.

"This group continues to provide oversight of the school and ensures the on-going line of overseers since Robert Carre founded the school in 1604.

"As chairman of the governing body from 1990 to 2006, Jim led the school to become one of the first Grant Maintained Schools in the county, developed the valued relationship with the district council in establishing the Northgate Sports Hall on the school site, oversaw the school's establishment as a specialist Sports College and supported it to its present standards of academic success.

"A particular strength of Jim has been his passionate support of the Joint Sixth Form that has brought benefits for students not only from Carre's."

Present chairman of governors John Lupton said: "The governing body highly commended Jim for the Honorary Fellowship and his acceptance is an honour for our school; it is rare for one individual to have shown such commitment to a school.

"Ever since Jim was a student at Carre's, it has been dear to his heart."

Mr Duckett was presented with a specially commissioned painting of the school by local artist John Allenby and received a certificate prepared by Brighton calligrapher Gerald Fleuss.

Among the invited guests were current headteacher Mike Reading and his three immediate predecessors Derek Lee, Peter Freeman and Peter Wheeldon.

*The Fellowship is an honorary position in the school inviting the Fellow to have an ambassadorial role in continuing to support the school in the local community. The award is the first of its kind in the history of Carre's.