Golfers target place in Guinness Book of World Records

GOLFERS in South Kyme are aiming to set a new world record this weekend.

ON Saturday, members of South Kyme Golf Club, and guests, will be attempting to get a ball around the course in less than 15 minutes to establish a world record. Their efforts will be monitored by Guinness Book of Records.

Club captain Stephen Smithson said: “It does not have to be the same ball. As soon as the ball is holed on the first green a signal will be made to the second tee where a player will be ready to tee off.

“This relay style of golf depends on us having a good number of people who can be positioned in the right areas. The more players we have the better as we can use them to their strengths, for example we will look to position shorter hitters to stand near to greens to undertake chipping and putting.

“You can even get involved as a helper and do the signaling or help transport players from one area of the course to another. It really is about everyone getting involved.”

Even non-members are invited to take part in the challenge.

Players taking part should be at the clubhouse by 8am.

The record attempt is expected to be completed by 9.30am, at which point the course will open for genera play.