Pupils inflict pain for good cause

A Sleaford school teacher bravely placed himself in the hands of willing students when he offered the chance to rip the hairs off his legs for charity.

Sleaford Library staff supporting Dementia Awareness Week. EMN-170517-104209001

Sleaford police and library staff support Dementia Awareness Week

This week is Dementia Awareness Week and yesterday (Tuesday) both Lincolnshire Police and Sleaford Library staff took part in Dementia Friend Sessions making them more aware of dementia and how they can be more supportive to people experiencing the condition in the local community.

Scarlett Hinchliffe's insect bite - after a 'spider' crawled out. Photo: SWNS EMN-170517-112820001

Sleaford girl (8) sees spider crawl out of bite in her leg

An eight-year-old Sleaford girl was rushed to hospital after a spider crawled out of a bite in her leg while she was in the bath.

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How to beat cravings

Psychologist offers cheats for everyday cravings like cheese and sugar

A leading food psychologist has revealed ways to beat our favourite cravings like salt, cheese and coffee - with a series of healthy substitutes.

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Lincolnshire Co-op health walk taking place in Caythorpe. 

Picture: Chris Vaughan Photography for Lincolnshire Co-op.

Stepping in over health walks

A network of health walks in Lincolnshire, which includes the Sleaford area, is striding ahead after a county business stepped in with fresh support.

Cure for baldness and grey hair a step closer

Cure for baldness and grey hair a step closer

A cream or ointment may soon cure baldness or stop hair turning grey, a new study suggests.

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Medela Breastfeeding Cafe EMN-171205-160411001

Mums invited along to breastfeeding cafe event in Greylees

The Big Breastfeeding Café, led by breastfeeding equipment brand Medela, is back for its second year and local mum, Katherine Watkinson from Greylees, near Sleaford is looking forward to joining the fun.

Caitlin Hammond and Specsavers optometry director Bijal Ladva. EMN-170505-170239001

Brain condition is spotted by eye test

A mum is urging parents to get their children’s eyes checked regularly after a routine test revealed a serious issue in her daughter’s brain.


Sleaford area GP practices report services affected by cyber attack on NHS systems

GP surgeries in the Sleaford area have reported being directly or indirectly affected by a suspected cyber attack on NHS computer and phone system sweeping the country.


Grantham A&E to stay closed at nights for another three months after hospital trust review

United Lincolnshire Hospitals NHS Trust board has today (Tuesday) announced opening hours of Grantham A&E unit will remain 8am to 6.30pm, seven days a week after a review found enough staff have still not been recruited to address shortages.

Mental Health

Support for Lincolnshire residents ahead of ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’

A national awareness campaign will shine a light on how people can easily access health and wellbeing services in our area, in a bid to boost good mental health.

Easier than ever to buy cheap booze in poor areas

Easier than ever to buy cheap booze in poor areas

Cheap booze is easier than ever to buy despite the dramatic surge in pub closures - especially in deprived areas, according to new research.

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Obesity now causes more premature deaths than smoking, suggests new research.

Obesity causes more deaths than smoking

Obesity now causes more premature deaths than smoking, suggests new research.

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Warning over contaminated food link to C. diff superbug

Warning over contaminated food link to C. diff superbug

The notorious hospital super bug C. diff could be spread through contaminated food, a new study warned.

All set to lose her long hair for childrens cancer charity - Deepika Bajaj. EMN-170413-140812001

Mum set to lose hair for cancer charity

A mum from Sleaford is hoping to follow the example of her generous parents by losing her lovely long locks for a children’s cancer charity.


VIDEO: Sleaford dance studio teachers doing a 12-HOUR Macarena Marathon today!

Remember dancing along and joining in the moves to that 1990s party hit ‘The Macarena’ by Los Del Rio? What if you did it for 12 hours?

How do you think we should tackle the obesity crisis? Picture: Pixabay.

Sugar tax works

Hefty taxes on sugary soft drinks could help in the fight against obesity because they stop people buying them, according to new research.

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Jan Sobieraj, chief executive of United Lincolnshire Hospitals Trust.

IN-DEPTH INTERVIEW: Hospital chief ‘sorry’ after damning report

Health bosses have issued an apology following a damning review of Boston’s Pilgrim Hospital.

Former Laundon House Clinic is sold subject to contract, say hospital bosses. EMN-171204-152326001

Sleaford’s Laundon House Clinic is sold to undisclosed buyer

United Lincolnshire Hospital Trust has confirmed that it has sold the former Laundon House Clinic in Eastgate, Sleaford, subject to contract.

NHS England warns of bogus text message scam

NHS England warns of bogus text message scam

Members of the public are being warned not to fall for a text scam, where messages are claimed to be from the NHS.

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