Get into shape with your Co-op pharmacy

PEOPLE who want to get in shape for summer can take part in Lincolnshire Co-op’s new Healthy Lifestyle scheme.

Many think of pharmacies as simply a place to pick up their prescription, but as the holiday season approaches, the Society is launching a new campaign to help customers adopt a healthier lifestyle and reduce the risk of disease.

Under the scheme clients will be able to pop into their local pharmacy and pick up a free advice pack on health and diet.

It contains tips and information on topics like the balance of nutrients the body needs, what physical activity is recommended and how to get your five-a-day.

People will also have the option of regular 15 minute consultations with a member of the team.

During these sessions participants will be weighed, set targets and given encouragement as well as any changes and improvements monitored.

The Society’s Graduate Nutritionist Katie Hazelgrove is leading the initiative which is now available in 11 pharmacies including Metheringham.

The new scheme will join a range of services already available in Lincolnshire Co-op pharmacies including free blood pressure checks, Body Mass Index measuring and stop smoking guidance.

Miss Hazelgrove said: “It’s difficult to change someone’s behaviour but this scheme is about giving our clients a new mind-set so eating healthily is automatic.

“At the pharmacy we can help you make adjustments to your day-to-day diet and give you encouragement to keep going. You could soon see the difference, maybe even in time for your summer holiday.

“You’re supposed to enjoy eating, you just need to find a balance between good and bad - even I have the occasional sugar in my tea.”