Speak to your GP abour Exercise

PEOPLE with a medical condition who would benefit from exercise are being encouraged to speak to their GP.

Every district in Lincolnshire offers Exercise Referral, funded by NHS Lincolnshire, and people across the county suffering from various medical conditions could benefit from the exercise.

The offer is open to anyone aged 18 or over with a medical condition that would benefit from regular physical activity, including cardio-vascular conditions, diabetes, joint or back pain, asthma, high blood pressure and cholesterol, stress and depression.

The 12-week course has also been very effective for rehabilitation and weight loss.

Lincolnshire Sports Partnership is helping to coordinate Exercise Referral schemes across the county, and Physical Activity Manager Sarah Ferneyhough is hoping more people will take up the offer.

She says: “Individuals may reduce medication, increase their fitness level, feel and look better after completing the 12-week course, and I hope that more people in Lincolnshire will see the benefits of Exercise Referral. Lincolnshire is very fortunate to have a scheme like this, other counties have had their funding cut, and around 3,000 people are being referred onto the programme every year.”

As part of the programme, Level 3 instructors will help individuals get started and review their progress as they increase their activity levels. Individuals will be eligible for subsidised rates at their leisure centre, and will receive lots of information about improving their health and keeping fit.

For more information on how to get on the scheme, contact your local GP. Alternatively, visit the Physical Activity section of www.lincolnshiresports.com.