Jodie conquers fear of heights for baby Rubie

Jodie Lindsey taking part in her sky dive in memory of Rubie Barnes. Photo supplied.
Jodie Lindsey taking part in her sky dive in memory of Rubie Barnes. Photo supplied.

A SLEAFORD woman took the ultimate plunge over the weekend to raise money for a hospital that did so much for her friend.

Jodie Lindsey, accompanied by her brother Liam Osborne, took part in a skydive on Saturday in memory of friend Mandy Barnes’ baby daughter.

Rubie Maria Barnes was born nearly three months prematurely on August 11 last year at Bradford Royal Infirmary’s neonatal unit, the nearest hospital equipped for very premature babies, but she died just 15 days later of a brain haemorrage.

Mandy, who is now seven months pregnant with a baby boy, said: “Everyone at the hospital was great. They fed me and looked after me and now I want to repay them for everything they did.”

Jodie, who was Rubie’s godmother, took part in the sky dive on Saturday at Chatteris airfield, near March, and said she really enjoyed it, even though she admits she is petrified of heights.

“It was absolutely brilliant, there’s no feeling in the world like it,” said Jodie.

“When you come out of the plane you don’t feel like you are falling at all, all you can hear is the wind. I’d definitely do it again.”

The jump took place on what would have been Rubie’s first birthday and Rubie’s headstone was also erected in Sleaford cemetery on Saturday. Jodie and Mandy hope to raise over £1,000 for Bradford’s neo-natal unit.

Mandy added: “Jodie was absolutely fantastic, she did really well.”

Next year the two friends are planning another sky dive, when Mandy too will be able to join in.

Any readers who would be interested in adding to Jodie’s sponsorship total or making a donation to the cause can visit the fundraising page at