Kaitlin’s ‘big chop’

Kaitlin Cocks who will be cutting her hair off in aid of the Ally Cadence Trust.
Kaitlin Cocks who will be cutting her hair off in aid of the Ally Cadence Trust.

This weekend some young girls will be going shopping or going to dance classes, but not big-hearted 11-year-old Kaitlin Cocks.

On Saturday she will be chopping off 25cm of her beautiful brown hair in aid of the Ally Cadence Trust, a local charity supporting families affected by spinal muscular atrophy.

The big cut, which will be held at Cutting It hair salon in Sleaford, will leave her with a spiky pixie-style hairdo just a few inches long – the first time she has been allowed to cut her long hair short since she was born – and the ponytail will be saved and donated to the Little Princess Trust which makes wigs for children who have lost their hair through cancer treatment.

Kaitlin said: “I felt like it was a really good idea and I’m really excited about having it cut. I don’t know anyone else my age who’s had their hair cut short like that, but I’m not worried at all, I’m quite excited.”

Her mum Abigail said: “I’m so proud of my daughter. The Ally Cadence Trust has been close to Kaitlin’s heart since she was little; the founders are friends of the family so I think she’s always wanted to do something to help. She’s always had very long hair, so her new pixie haircut is going to be a big change. I’m gushing with pride that she’s taking such a bold step at such a young age.”

The Ally Cadence Trust was launched in 2009 by Emma and Karl Humphries after their daughter Ally Cadence died of the condition aged just six months. The trust aims to offer help, advice and equipment to needy families with children suffering from the condition across the UK.

Trustee Emma said: “We are so impressed with Kaitlin for taking this step; it’s such a big deal for a little girl to go from long and lovely hair to a short pixie cut.

“Seeing support like this, coming from such a young girl, is incredibly heart-warming and helps inspire us to keep going so that as many families as possible can benefit from our support.”

To sponsor Kaitlin, visit the Ally Cadence Trust website at www.actsma.co.uk/home/page/sponsor_kaitlin.