Kirsty lands award after saving death row peacocks

A SCHOOLGIRL has been recognised by an animal conservation charity for her role in saving 11 peacocks from the chop.

Kirsty Barthorpe, 10, of Blankney, heard rumours that there might be a cull of unruly peacocks which were running riot in the nearby village of Martin.

The birds had caused a lot of damage in Martin and had eaten flowers, disturbed villagers with their loud screeching and and even attacked cars.

Percy, the original peacock, who had resided in Martin for about 14 years, and another male peacock will be allowed to stay in the village.

However, the majority of the people who attended a public meeting on the issue voted to have most of the flock removed.

On hearing rumours that the birds might be culled, 10-year-old Kirsty asked her parents, Nigel and Nikki, who run a koi carp farm at Blankney Fen, to take on the rest of the birds.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals heard about the case and have given Kirsty a Compassionate Youth Award, which is a framed certificate and letter of appreciation from PETA and a silver bunny necklace.

The Barthorpes, with help from residents, have been gradually catching the birds and transporting them to Blankney, with permission from Defra.

The Barthorpes also home a number of rescued ducks and chickens on their 10 acres, as well as pigs, ducks, turkeys and migrating geese. Mr Barthorpe said: “The peacocks are ever so tame. They come inside the shop and are getting hooked on chocolate biscuits.

“Both my children are very animal-orientated and anything that wants homing we tend to get.

“We have just been given a two-and-a-half foot iguana by the RSPCA from Derby to look after.”