Wednesday, June 7. A 'FLAGSHIP' play area is in danger of turning into a smelly health hazard if urgent action is not taken to provide toilets on the site.

Vandals have already wrecked the pavilion changing rooms on Boston Road recreation ground in Sleaford and town council officials say the yobs have now turned their attention to the toilet block, making it unsafe and unusable.

It too has been closed until the council can make temporary alternative arrangements. In the meantime children and adults using the park area and the tennis courts are having to do without any toilet facilities on the site - the nearest public loos are in Money's Yard and The Hub half a mile away.

Alison Gibson, chairman of Sleaford Tennis Club, which rents the tennis courts from the council, said: "You are going to get urine and excrement all around the playing field and hedges if something is not done. It will become like a pop festival with people relieving themselves everywhere."

She questioned why the council had spent money on new boundary railings instead of replacing the toilets.

Mrs Gibson said the club has had to cancel home matches and added: "Members have to get lifts from people in their car to use the loo in someone's house."

Town councillor David Suiter said desperate children were using a ditch as a toilet and it was becoming a major health issue.

The council's technical services manager John Coster said: "The vandals have turned all their energy onto the toilets. The skylights have been put in and the grills bent right back."

Mr Coster said the toilet block is nearly 60 years old and he questioned whether money would be better spent on new toilets closer to Boston Road. He feared that if they were repaired, they would again be vandalised.

The council says it is looking for a long term solution as soon as possible.

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