The wind farm objectors need to change views on tourism effect

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EDITOR – I am 17 and live on Hall Farm, Asgargby.

I have just finished my A-levels and one of my subjects was geography, so I am very familiar with the ins and outs, and pros and cons of wind farms.

The front page of the Sleaford Standard on Wednesday somewhat troubled me.

I can’t understand why there is an issue with wind turbines near Heckington, when there is a biofuel station popping up right next to Sleaford.

This power station being placed on a main gas pipe . . . it just doesn’t add up.

More to the point, wind turbines are sustainable and people need to subdue their reluctance towards them.

Quite frankly, I find the fact that assuming they will affect tourism is pathetic.

If this area of Lincolnshire is so worried that 22 wind turbines will ruin tourism, then they can’t be that confident that they have a decent tourism industry, can they?

If some bits of metal will be the tipping point between people coming here or not, it could be an advantage actually, since the only tourism seems to be in the form of large, litter leaving, drain water drinking, and abusive and aggressive convoys, that seem to arrive each weekend.

Why can’t this council argue about something a little more important?


Hall Farm


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