Crackle settles into her new home after being abandoned - VIDEO

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A FOUR-LEGGED porker has trotted into the lives of two animal rescuers after being heartlessly abandoned.

Susan and Rob Louth, of Reptile Life in Ruskington, have recently welcomed a new addition to their ever expanding menagerie in the form of female micro piglet Crackle.

Crackle was found abandonded on a doorstep in Market Rasen and taken in by the RSPCA. She was in urgent need of a new home and, in desperation the RSPCA called Reptile Life, who took her in with just 24 hours notice.

With a make-shift pig sty in place, they took Crackle into their home in a terrible state, with scabs and bruises all over her body, teeth missing and trotters bleeding.

Despite her pain Crackle didn’t make any noise and after a few days of TLC she began to settle in.

Susan said: “She is gorgeous and very sweet natured, but she was in a terrible state when we took her in. I don’t know how anyone could do something like this to her.”

Crackle is now full of life again and can be heard grunting away to her heart’s content in her new home.

Rob and Susan are completely in the dark as to her history and they are not 100 per cent sure of her breed, age or the size which she will grow to.




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