New group will give support to MS sufferers

A NEW local branch of the Multiple Sclerosis Society is being set up in Sleaford.

The new organisation is actually a sub-branch of the Grantham group and will be re-branded as Grantham and Sleaford MS Society.

Secretary Jane Cundall explained: “We have 80 members spread right over Lincolnshire and quite a few based around Sleaford. Up until now many have been unable to get in to meetings and we have not been able to reach them. It is our duty to look after all our members and so we now meet in Sleaford downstairs at the National Centre for Craft and Design.”

Their next meeting will be on April 30 at 11am, followed by regular sessions on the third Monday of each month.

Mrs Cundall said: “So far we have had two meetings. We have had a speaker and someone demonstrating with flowers. We have different activities each month.”

There is always someone there on hand to give information and help for those in need who have been newly diagnosed with MS, but it is mainly a social gathering. The new group has 10 members but there are 28 registered with the Grantham branch who could now find it easier to reach meetings. You do not have to be a member of the MS Society to go along and the organisation has a duty to support everyone with the condition. The long term chronic disbility has no cure for the draining fatigue, tremors and muscle spasms, pain and numbness leading to loss of use of limbs, as well as temporary memory loss than can affect any age.

For more information call 01476 593915. or go to