Parking tickets are issued

As nearly 10 days have passed since Lincolnshire County Council took over on street parking enforcement in the county, figures have been released showing the number of parking tickets already issued.

Out of a staggering 1,076 tickets issued in Lincolnshire so far in the last week, just 66 were issued in North Kesteven, while South Kesteven has seen more than double that amount with 146 parking fines handed out.

The highways department has reported less tickets than warning notices issued, and are confident that the word is spreading and people are parking with more consideration.

Head of highways, Brian Thompson, said: “We’ve done a lot to raise awareness about taking on parking enforcement because we didn’t want it to be a surprise for people. As long as motorists stick to the ‘signs and lines’ in place, and park considerately, they won’t have anything to worry about.

“Enforcement countywide is going well so far, with most people welcoming the officers’ presence, keen for something to be done about bad parking.”