Plan ahead to avoid that festive stress

Avoid the stress of Christmas.
Avoid the stress of Christmas.

Christmas can turn into a festive farce without the right planning. But here’s a few tips to help you get organised early for this year’s festivities.

From the middle of November, try to avoid big shopping centres on weekends as they will be in full Christmas flow. If you can, try shopping midweek to avoid the hustle and bustle. You can even shop online and still support your local shops, as many local businesses now have a website to let you shop without the stress.

But, whatever you do, try to avoid going near the shops in the last few days before Christmas, apart from buying those essential foods.

Try not to buy everyone’s gifts with the last pay cheque before the big day. If you get paid monthly, why not buy a few gifts in October and November to spread the financial load?

And if it all gets too much, just remember what Christmas is all about, and smile.