Police tips on safety during Torch procession

AS the Olympic Torch relay’s day in Lincolnshire draws nearer, police have issued a warning to revellers about their safety.

Lincolnshire Police have urged people to take care of their possessions in the large crowds which are sure to gather as the iconic Torch is carried through Sleaford on June 27.

A statement from the police said: “This will be a fantastic few days for Lincolnshire and we want as many people as possible to get involved and have a great time.

“But we also want people to stay safe and be aware of some of the travel restrictions that will be in place.

“People do need to be aware that if they are travelling by car in the area of the torch, there will be a large number of road closures and significant delays.”

Lincolnshire Police will be monitoring the streets along the Olympic torch route to prevent crime as it passes by.

Although so far there have been no specific crime trends associated with the torch relay, it is sensible for people to take care of their possessions in large crowds.

Police are urging people to fully zip up bags and handbags and wear them over your front if possible and to never keep wallets or mobile phones in your back pocket and be wary of flashing smart phones around in public.

Always cover PIN when using a cash machine and if you feel like someone is looking over your shoulder, cancel the transaction and leave.

You can report stolen property via the non-emergency 101 number, or to a police officer or member of police staff, and anything suspicious to a police officer or member of staff.

If you believe that any person may selling counterfeit goods contact Lincolnshire County Council Trading Standards on 01522 782341.