Changes to bin collections in North Kesteven

Bin collections in North Kesteven.
Bin collections in North Kesteven.

Every household in North Kesteven faces a change in their bin collection day from the end of March, it has been announced.

North Kesteven District Council says it is making the move in response to the growing number of houses within its boundaries.

It means household waste and recycling will no longer be collected together, but on alternate weeks.

In the five years since the refuse and recycling rounds were last reviewed, about 4,000 more houses have been built across the district’s 365 square mile area, but primarily in and around Sleaford and North Hykeham.

The council says that this means that some routes take longer to complete than others and the lorries get full quicker and need to be emptied more often – which makes the service inefficient and unbalanced.

New routes will start on Monday, March 31 and the biggest changes are:

- A change in the collection day

- A change in the collection combination – seeing black bins collected one week and green-lidded bins collected the next week.

Coun Richard Wright, executive board member with responsibility for environmental services said: “The routes were last reviewed in 2009.  Since then the overall growth of the district has meant those routes have become unbalanced and inefficient to run.

“The new routes will ensure we are providing the best and most efficient service we can to residents going forward.  

“During the changeover to the new collection days, there may be some disruption to service, as we would ask residents to bear with us during this time.  While the new routes bed-in, we will be collecting side waste to help ease any gaps in service.”

Full details of the new collection days will be sent out to all residents in early March.