Spare cash found to fund town projects

Chairmen of Sleaford Town Council’s committees have identified a number of areas where the authority has not spent as much as expected and come up with a number of ways to use the spare cash.

Around £50,000 in total was expected to be left over at the end of the financial year from what was budgeted for and Coun Garry Titmus, chairman of the services committee came up with several projects that have been identified throughout the year.

Subject to final approval by the full council they prioritised the schemes with the demolition of the garages on Eastgate car park at the top of the list, subject to final planning approval. Here £10,000 could be set aside in case a replacement brick wall is needed to be built bordering The Folly.

Another £10,000 could be set aside to add to the £10,000 already earmarked for the necessary repairs to the Monument toilet block on Southgate which is destined to become a museum. The extra cash would enable a unisex public toilet to be installed at one end. A further £2,000 would be set aside for a survey of the cemetery toilets prior to refurbishment and £19,500 would go towards resurfacing the rest of the cemetery paths.

Another £8,500 could be set aside for provision of toilets on both allotments.