Tory councillor severs ties with ruling group on NKDC


THE former chairman of the Sleaford branch of the Conservatives has severed his ties with the party after becoming increasingly frustrated about restrictions to the way he can represent his electorate.

Mark Allan has been a Conservative North Kesteven District Councillor for Sleaford Quarrington and Mareham Ward since 2011.

He last month locked horns with the party leadership over restrictions on who could have a say in selecting candidates for next year’s county council elections, resigning from the Sleaford branch.

Coun Allan has now resigned from the association itself and will no longer refer to himself as a Conservative on the Town Council or at NKDC.

He told the Standard he has found it frustrating being called by the party to explain why he has not voted in accordance with the party line and that of the Tory leadership at committees when choosing to vote in what he feels is the interests of Sleaford residents.

He has been surpised at how much party politics is coming ahead of local representation and decisions are not coming from fully-informed debate.

Coun Allan said it has been a difficult decision, but said: “It has become evident to me that party politics even at a local level do not fit well with local democracy or being able to properly represent the views of the residents of Sleaford in my wards.”

He will now continue as an independent councillor, adding: “There are significant changes being planned by NKDC for our Town and these must be got right and must be what the people of Sleaford want. In my view, my task as a Town and NKDC councillor is to ensure that the people of Sleaford are fully informed of these changes and what these changes mean and that the Sleaford resident’s views on these changes are the ones that determine decisions.

“It is vitally important that decisions are made for the right reasons,” he said.