Town’s county council offices under review

Excess office space at the county council's base in Sleaford could be given up under a county wide review.
Excess office space at the county council's base in Sleaford could be given up under a county wide review.

The county council’s offices in Sleaford could be drastically downsized as part of a countywide survey aimed at trimming back wasted space.

Lincolnshire County Council currently employs 257 staff based in Sleaford using its office facilities off Eastgate.

This includes staff that sit full time at a desk and those that are mobile and call in when required.

The property review is happening across the county after the council’s workforce has been reduced as part of its cost cutting restructure following government funding cuts.

Kevin Kendall, chief property officer for the council, said: “We’re currently looking at all our properties across the county, including those in Sleaford, to make sure they’re still offering good value for money.

“We’re still exploring what’s feasible for Sleaford, and we are unlikely to have the workable options for moving forward until next year. However, the county council will continue to have a presence in the town.”

This comes just two years after plans to create a £4million one-stop council service centre for the county and North Kesteven District Councils on the same site, along with a new leisure and health centre, had to be shelved when a £600,000 grant for the swimming pool project was pulled by the government.

Primary Care Trusts were also being disbanded, meaning a health centre for the complex also had to go.

Mr Kendall went on: “It makes no sense for us to maintain two half-empty offices when we could accommodate all the staff in just one of the buildings.

“We have already made considerable savings by doing this is Lincoln. With regard to Sleaford, things are in the very early stages.

“It’s therefore impossible to say what changes may take place. There will be no changes to services and no job losses as a result of any changes – it’s simply about making sure we’re not paying for empty office space. It is likely that a decision will be taken next year on the best way forward.”

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