Your comments over green bin plan

Brown bins
Brown bins

People living in the area have slammed North Kesteven District Council’s plan to save money through a yearly green waste bin collection charge.

Following last week’s front page news that NKDC have plans to charge residents £25 a year to collect their garden waste, readers have taken to social networking sites to express their opinions, which were on the whole against the idea.

Last week our Facebook page amassed a staggering 95 comments on this story alone, with residents mostly condemning the decision, which will be decided by Full Council tomorrow (Thursday).

Some described the plan as “going too far”, “a total joke” and “money grabbing”, and some even accused the council of ripping them off.

Terri Cutler said that she will be opting out of the charge and incinerating her own garden waste, while Laura Coupe described the idea as “taking the mickey”.

Others have predicted a rise in fly-tipping as they believe that people will be reluctant to pay the charge and this will end up costing NKDC more to clear it up.

Independent Councillor Brian Watson has even started a petition to protest against the charges, which has alredady accumulated moe than 100 signatures and can be found at

On the other side of the argument, a few residents have said that they will pay the charge rather than dispose of green waste themselves.

As deputy chief executive Alan Thomas pointed out in last week’s story, some residents believe that it would work out cheaper to pay £25 a year, or 50p per week, to have it collected rather than using their own petrol to dispose of it.

Chris Palmer spoke out in defence of the plan: “All the people moaning about the extra £25 a year, you don’t have to pay it, it’s optional, and your council tax does not cover garden waste, it was a free service that the council provided, so if it really bothers you about paying an extra 50p a week, then stop your moaning, don’t pay the £25 and if you take it down the tip then that will cost you more than 50p a week!”

North Kesteven District Council declined to comment on the resident’s feedback before the decision is made tomorrow (Thursday).

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