Residents speak out about new homes

An image of how the proposed new Handley Chase development will look upon completion.
An image of how the proposed new Handley Chase development will look upon completion.

Residents have expressed concerns over Sleaford Property Developments Ltd’s proposal for a new housing estate twice the size of Greylees.

A consultation event was held on Thursday at the New Life Conference Centre on Mareham Lane where the developers showcased their plans and invited residents to come and give their thoughts on the development, next to Southfields, off London Road, Sleaford.

It attracted hundreds of people throughout the afternoon.

As well as 1,400 residential dwellings, the plans for the new estate, named Handley Chase, also include a community centre (8 on map), a care home (15), primary school (2), sports fields and football pitches (9), allotments (10) and retail space (7).

Many residents expressed their concerns about the volume of traffic in the estate.

Hugh Caseley, one of the directors of Sleaford Property Development, said during the consultation: “We have had a fairly measured response, but some people are concerned about the traffic and the time scale. Obviously Sleaford has a history of traffic problems and it is a matter close in people’s minds.”

To reassure residents’ worries about traffic congestion spilling onto London Road, the developers confirmed there will be a ‘Green Travel Plan’ incorporated to encourage residents to use more sustainable modes of transport, such as walking, cycling and public transport.

Phillip Hunt, who lives in Victoria Avenue, echoed these concerns and added that he wasn’t sure the demand for such a large scale housing development is there.

Sue Utley, who lives between Grantham Road and Lincoln Road, said: “The plans look reasonable to me but there is definitely the need to build a school and a medical centre as soon as the houses are built. I’ve got no objection as long as it is well done.”

Malcolm and Lillian Healey, who also attended the consultation, said they had moved to Magnolia Close in Sleaford to live in a quieter place, and now they will find themselves living at the end of football pitches if the plans go ahead: “There will be a lot of people taking short-cuts and the roads are very tight as it is.”

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