Scientific fun and games

TODDLERS and primary school children can become scientists for the day in a free series of fun and games hosted by the University of Lincoln during the summer holidays.

Lincoln’s School of Psychology is running its popular Summer Scientists programme from August 20-24 when children aged three to 10 have the chance to contribute to real scientific research while having fun.

Child development specialists have drawn up a series of games, quizzes and challenges for children to take part in. Each exercise is designed to tell the researchers something about how children develop the skills, awareness and understanding we rely on every day as adults.

One activity will shed light on how children use their imagination to create pictures in their mind when they hear stories. There will be physical games which examine how children learn to use one hand or the other - and even how good they are at pulling happy, sad and angry faces. Each morning or afternoon session is supervised by experienced researchers and students, at the Faculty of Business and Law on Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln. For details email or visit